I have something I want to be upfront about.

You may notice that I’m editing my earlier posts and that future posts will all include referrer links to Amazon.com.

I’m not making this huge and outrageous, but you’ll see that the links are underlined.  No funny ad pop-up’s or anything like that.  These are just plain old links.  The reason I’m doing this is pretty simple.  I can make money if people buy items through these links.  They aren’t going to some phishing site, they are direct links to Amazon, but they include my ID so I can get paid.

If you still don’t want to trust it, but want to buy the items then go ahead, I’ll never know ;).  I just figure this is a way to possibly make some spare cash on the side to help with living/hosting expenses.

Also I’ll never make a posting just to make money.  This blog is truly about my random thoughts, and you’ll notice that I didn’t kick through any links on this post since it’s just a notifier.  If in the course of a posting though I happen to mention a movie, or a book, then chances are I will link it to Amazon.  I’m doing this so people can enjoy things I enjoy and in doing so I also get money for pointing traffic their way.  Sounds fair don’t ya think?

This isn’t going to turn into one of those sites that has ads everywhere.  The only additional ‘ad’ you’ll see is the Amazon search bar up top right.  It pulls keywords off the page so the ads should always be in context and also includes my Amazon ID.  I’m doing this as low-key as possible so it doesn’t interfere with browsing speeds, or cause your kids to see Really Bad Things.™

Now according to Amazon I do have to tell you that I’m not a part of Amazon.com in any way, shape, or form.  This is just a cool program they have out there for people who run their own websites 🙂

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