After nearly 8 years Microsoft has revealed the next console to have the Xbox name.

Introducing Xbox One

Xbox One Console with Kinect & Controller.

Xbox One Console with Kinect & Controller.


The console was revealed in an event presented on the Microsoft campus in the area known as Studios West. It was an invite only affair for the tech press, but was also streamed online for the rest of us mere mortals.

There has been a lot of controversy over details provided at the reveal and in press interviews that followed. I think a lot of this is due to messaging that went out that wasn’t consistent on the part of Microsoft. I also happen to think a lot of this falls upon the media for not making sure they had verification of information before rushing to get the story out.

The fallout from this has been quite honestly horrific to watch unfold. Just view the comments on almost any story and you see a level of venom I rarely see from the gaming community. Some of that ire has been directed towards Microsoft, some towards the gaming press, and some towards other fellow gamers commenting on the stories.

In all of this chaos there’s something that most folks keep overlooking…what was actually revealed.

Microsoft (in my opinion) did a fine job of revealing the console itself, and the features they have worked had to add for this generation. Sure they didn’t do much of a reveal of the gaming aspect, but it was already known E3 would be the venue for that. This reveal was about the machine itself, new capabilities, and hints towards future direction.

The speakers were competent, delivered their message clearly, and kept my attention. I had no questions about the features they demoed as they made them easy to understand, without being overly simplistic. I look forward to the ability to multitask that they are now offering on the Xbox One. For instance, the Skype functionality where a call and a game can be handled at the same time looks nice. It would be nice to have a Skype chat with a friend who is playing a game and we can both see each other as we play.

While I’m not a huge sports fan it would be nice to be able to check in on a game while playing. There are teams that I occasionally care about, and being able to do that without having to switch things around or stop gaming is nice. Maybe I’m biased due to my love of the concept of all-in-one integration. Things that make my life easier, and do so in a way that is seamless and smooth always get me excited.

I look forward to more clarification around several of the more controversial points regarding how games are going to be handled this generation. There’s lots of ideas, concepts, rumors, and conspiracy theories around that. I for one want to wait until we have official word before I decide if I am happy or have a reason to be angry. I also look forward to more details about upcoming titles that will be shown at E3. I feel that this generation it really is Microsoft’s chance to really score a huge win for their 3 screens and a cloud strategy.

Your move Microsoft…

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