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So today I’m sitting in my non air-conditioned bedroom on the second floor of my house.  The place hits around the mid-90’s on a day when it’s only in the low-80’s outside.  I decide that I’m going to head to a local park where it’s heavily wooded, so it should be nice and cool.

Before I leave I decide I should grab a couple small items for my Kindle that I’ve been meaning to pick up anyways.  So I head over to grab a copy of Wil Wheaton’s ‘Just a Geek’ which I recommended in my Kindle post.  I’m hoping to have some laughs, and also some reflection which is what Wil does best.  I then figure I should take the time to actually go to all of his other books listings on Amazon and press the little ‘I’d like to read this book on Kindle’ link.  So from the ‘Just a Geek’ listing I click on Wil’s name so it’ll take me to his listing.



Windows 7 has now shat itself.

I look and see it’s an error caused by a file named atihdmi.sys. Being fluent in geek parlance tells me this means that for some reason the click sound (Windows ‘clicks’ when you click a link…sort of redundant) being sent from Windows via the HDMI port on my video card to my TV (which is being used as a secondary monitor) just caused the whole system to just go splat.

See Wil, these are the sorts of things that happen when you don’t respect the Kindle.  I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

As for ATi, you’re next on my list, so I suggest you learn how to sleep with your eyes open.

Thoughts on Kindle 2…

Before I get started here I wanted to note that not all of my posts here are going to be reviews, or even necessarily about technology.  I just happened to decide to do these first couple posts on devices I find interesting.  That said, on with the post.

I  recently sold my Playstation 3 to a friend.  Now I know a few of you may be shaking your heads at me in disbelief, but I did it for the device you see in the picture above.

The Amazon Kindle 2.

This thing is my own personal version of the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle that Ralphie practically wets himself over in A Christmas Story.

I just keep waiting for Mrs. Parker to show up out of nowhere telling me insistently “You’ll shoot your eye out.”  In this case luckily (or maybe not) the only worry isn’t going blind, but going broke.

I know that sounds like I’m trying to make a joke here, but it is way too easy to buy content on the Kindle.  I literally search for a book, open it’s entry and press a single button.  Yes, the default action once you’re looking at a books listing is Buy, and there’s not a confirmation screen in sight.  So for those of you who have itchy fingers as it is on eBay or Amazon’s actual website, this device may be your undoing.

That said, the device itself is far better than I could have imagined from the images on the site.  The text is crisp and clear. It’s readable outside even on the brightest of days. The best part is that I can now keep hundreds of books with me all the time.  It doesn’t matter what genre I’m in the mood for since my entire library is with me.

What if there’s a new book in a series I’m reading and I’m not at home with my computer?  There’s a simple solution to that.  The Kindle includes a 3G connection from Sprint that Amazon calls Whispernet.  As long as I’m in a location with even basic Sprint service I can grab a book within a matter of a few minutes at most.

The only thing that has had me really shaking my head in disbelief is that only one of Wil Wheatons amazing books (Just a Geek) is available for the Kindle.  Wil, ‘Don’t be a dick.’  Get the rest of your books published on the Kindle!

Does anyone else out there reading this have a Kindle or any questions about a Kindle?  If so feel free to post a comment.