Zune HD

Think of this post as an editorial and not as a ‘professional’ review. You can also consider it a small view into how my brain works. Trust me, it will be useful if you choose to read more of my rantings later. I should also note this post is the first here, so don’t go looking for a ‘Hello this is me’ post. You won’t find it 😉

I’ve been a huge fan of Zune for the last few years. A fan of the software, device, and web presence they’ve created. Now they are looking to integrate things more deeply with the Xbox 360, and also step up the functionality of the device.

I’ve looked at the current information available at this point and I have a few observations I’d like to share.

1. They haven’t released official details on what the storage capacities and price points will be. If there isn’t at least a 64GB version at launch then I’m going to hold off until there is. I already have a Zune 30, and to be honest I need more space.

2. At this point Microsoft needs to be jumping ahead of the competition not meeting them halfway. This device needs 3G built-in (ala the Kindle from Amazon) to allow the Zune Marketplace to really shine. Imagine you’re on a bus and you hear a song you like while using the HD Radio. Instead of just tagging it for later download you can buy it right there. This is why the Kindle makes a killing for Amazon.

3. Why isn’t Microsoft giving users who like tactile controls an option here? To me a simple 5-way controller (once again ala the Kindle) would be an easy option, and would take up the same amount of space as their ‘Home’ button.

In my opinion, if they add those features, they will finally have a device worthy of the ‘iPod Killer’ moniker that fans have been throwing around the last 3 years.

Now at this point I’m opening this up to the few who will read this asking how do you feel?

Do you agree with me that Microsoft just needs to take a serious leap here with a monster device, or do you think they are on the right course?